Chef Biren Panday teams up with KAISO!

Chef Biren Panday teams up with KAISO!

We recently teamed up with Chef Biren Panday at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta to come up with some succulent dishes below. When we put our pepper sauces into the hands of a skilled chef the results were magical.
But don't take our word for it. Here's what the chef had to say about using KAISO in his dishes:  
"KAISO is a truly tantalizing pepper sauce, with just the right finish kick. I have used it on everything from fish to turkey. I have used Kaiso’s herb pepper sauce to marinade roasted chicken and flank steak, what a flavour, blown away. I used the Kaisos Fire pepper sauce to make chicken meatballs, amazing scotch bonnet flavour. And the icing on the cake is, it is gluten free and no added preservatives, perfect for my everyday use." - Chef Biren Pandey

Dish: Salmon with Dijon and herb pepper beurre blanc 

Dish: Kaisos pepper sauce and avocado toast

Dish: Pepper sauce tossed Brussels sprouts and bacon 

Dish: Chicken potstickers with fire sauce aioli drizzle.

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